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The world’s pinnacle of Dark Tattoo Art is the home of infamous artist Paul Booth and his team of world-class talent.
The Last Rites Tattoo Theatre binds the macabre and the elegant in a surreal fashion that cannot be replicated.

Founded in 1991, Last Rites is renown for its professionalism, consistency, and quality of work.

Our clients put an immense amount of trust in Paul’s ability to handpick world-class talent.

The Last Rites Guest Artist roster is comprised of many of the leaders of contemporary tattooing from around the world.

Lets us bring forth what lies beneath the flesh.



Call the Last Rites Tattoo Theatre  Studio for an appointment

212 529-0666


Step # 1   A consultation appointment will be scheduled with the Artist you have selected.

At the consultation appointment, bring any reference materials, decide on the placement of the tattoo, color or black/grey and indicate if the Artist has artistic freedom.  The Artist will give you an estimate of the time the tattoo is expected to take to be completed.  If you cannot make an in-person consultation appointment, call the Studio to make other arrangements.   If you and the Artist decide to go forward with the tattoo, move on to Step # 2.


Step # 2    Present the consultation form given to you by the Artist to the Receptionist to set up the appointment(s).

The wait time will vary with the artist.  You will need to secure your appointment time with a deposit that is the hourly rate of the Artist.  This will be deducted from your last appointment.  Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Other details will be reviewed with you at the time you set up your appointment.


Step #3   Arriving for your appointment.

You are expected to arrive on time for your appointment.  In the event you must reschedule your appointment, you must do this 48 hours prior to your appointment or you will lose your deposit.  You will be called to confirm your appointment and the number of hours you will be sitting.


Step #4   Payment  Cash and credit cards are accepted.

Payment is made when you arrive at the Studio prior to being tattooed.  Any adjustments are made at checkout.  Other details on payment will be reviewed at the time appointments are made.


Step # 5    After-Care of your tattoo is critical to the proper healing.

You will be given an After-Care sheet  which outlines the proper care of your tattoo.

Call the Studio with any questions or problems.


We are located at:
325 West 38th street, Store #1
New York City, NY, 10018 USA
(between ave 8th and 9th)

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How do I go about getting an appointment at Last Rites?

Call Last Rites Studio (212-529-0666)  and request a consultation appointment with a selected      artist.  Details will follow.

How long a wait before I can get tattooed?

Wait time varies with the artist.  Call the Studio to check.

Do you take walk-ins?

Rarely.  Last Rites is generally by appointment only.

Does Last Rites do piercings?


Can I get an angel tattoo?

No. Last Rites does not do religious icons.

Does Last Rites accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, all major cards are accepted

What do you charge for a tattoo?

The charge is by the hourly rate of the artist.   There is a one hour minimum.

Can I transfer my deposit to a friend?

No. The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Can I arrange a consultation for a tattoo appointment with more than one of your artists?

Yes.   A deposit for each artist would be required.

What if I have to reschedule my appointment?

You would need to call 48 hours prior to your appointment or you would lose your deposit.

What if my work or personal life situation prevents me from keeping my appointment after I leave my deposit?

You have one year to activate your appointment before your deposit is considered abandoned.

What if I miss my appointment?

You would most likely lose your deposit that holds your appointment time.

Is there a way to move my appointment sooner than scheduled?

Yes.  You can be placed on the on-call list to be called in when a reschedule opens a time slot.

Can I get an appointment with Paul Booth?

Paul has about a 4 1/2 wait list.  We can place your name on his wait list.  In the meantime, you can select another of our excellent artists.

Will I get instructions for the aftercare of my tattoo?

Yes. Follow directions carefully so your tattoo heals properly.

Why has god forsaken me?

You’ve done horrible things.