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Yomico Moreno was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela on June 19th, 1983. He has been working as a tattoo artist since 2003.

While living in his hometown, Moreno had his first empirical approach to the tattoo world. He then moved to Valencia, Venezuela around May 2005, where he took his first steps as a professional tattoo artist working in a studio. Moreno worked for 3 years in Valencia until 2008 upon departing to Switzerland for a few months to become part of the staff of one of the most recognized tattoo studios in the country. The same year,  Moreno decided to come back to Venezuela in order to develop his career in Caracas, the capitol of Venezuela. Working in Caracas, he received nationwide recognition from multiple first place awards at tattoo conventions held within the Venezuelan territory.

As a child, Yomico was drawn to the works of Salvador Dali, Gustave Courbet, and Armando Reveron. As his career as a tattoo artist developed, Yomico was influenced by Paul Booth and Robert Hernandez.

In 2010, Yomico Moreno was invited to participate in the International Tattoo Convention in Denmark where he won first prizes in the categories of, “BestColor” and, “Best Realism”. Since then, Moreno has been developing his artistic career in Europe, Central America and South America.

Yomico found his way to Last Rites through his friend: Last Rites Resident Artist,Darwin Enriquez.

France, Italy, England, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Panamá, Mexico, Costa Rica and Venezuela are just some of the countries that have opened their doors to this Venezuelan tattoo artist.

At this current time, Moreno is currently working to his current goal of becoming a complete artist on multiple medians beyond tattooing.