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José Contreras, born in Caracas – Venezuela on August 15th, 1989. Since he was very young he was always  interested in learning how to draw. It was not until 2009 that he started taking some Illustration courses and learned how to work with different techniques such as oil, acrylics, crayons, airbrush and his favorite – watercolors.

His beginning in body art was not in tattooing. In fact, influenced and taught by his friends in 2006, he started piercing.  After a year of doing piercings, he began a tattoo course in Caracas. From that moment on, Jose took more seriously the art of drawing and all things related to the tattoo industry.

Knowing well how hard a career as a tattoo artist might be, he dedicated himself to continued learning and with help of his colleagues, took his first steps; thus, he gradually began to acquire more confidence and expert knowledge.

Just seven months after his start, he participated in his first Expo Tattoo and won the First Place as Novice. From there, Jose has participated in and recognized at many Conventions at the National and International level.

During all this time, he worked in notably important Tattoo Studios in Venezuela. In 2011, he was invited to work in a Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in 2012, he was invited for the first time to work in a Studio in Lyon, France

where he worked for a season; from there, he traveled frequently as a guest at different Studios in Europe gaining  experience and notoriety.

Jose currently works at Last Rites Tattoo Theatre with Paul Booth and an excellent team of world renown Artists and prominent guest Artists.  He continues to seek his own style even though his passion is realistic tattoos.

His character is to work hard on his craft to create exceptional art.   Jose’s drive is his desire to learn and improve every day in what he likes to do the most…tattoo.